Why WiseCAD?


My name is Joe Markwith.

Looking for an AutoCAD alternative? Let me tell you about a solution!

I started consulting to CAD products back in the early days, 1986. Since that time I have seen a lot of CAD products come and go.  I have expertise in customization, CAD management, drafting and training for Autocad, Microstation and for those who can remember this far back CADVANCE.  Likewise I have worked with and taught most of their 3rd party applications.

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My consulting work spanned across the United States, Canada and South America to a wide variety of engineering, civil and architectural companies both large and small.  I have consulted to government entities like the Army Corps of Engineers, to private companies like Bechtel and the Royal Bank of Canada. I have seen it all and done most everything in the CAD GIS world.

I am now thrilled to introduce the United States to WiseCAD!

Why WiseCAD?

WiseCAD is what all CAD software should be.

It’s a full featured, robust drafting tool without all the bloated commands that have made all the popular CAD programs cumbersome and extremely expensive.

Here’s how the software business works from an insider who’s been there an seen it.

Initially products like AutoCADand Microstation start off amazing.  As time goes on the sales department needs something new to sell.  The easiest market to sell to is one that you have already sold to.  Your existing customer is your first best market. So they look for improvements to make to the existing product they already sold you once and try to sell it to you again as an upgrade. Again at first, the upgrades are amazing but it doesn’t take long before they run out of ideas and starting adding features that most people will never use. The new features demo great however realistically you will never use.  Kind of like that exercise bike you hang your clothes on the features are aspirational and the reality of using them never pans out.  In fact the whiz bang feature of the year rarely has a return on investment.  By the time you buy the upgrade, get the upgrade training, work through the bugs you find the extra time it takes to implement isn’t worth it.  At least you get some cardio benefit from the exercise bike even if you use it once.

WiseCAD is just that.  It’s a Wise approach to CAD drafting.

It’s a small software footprint on your PC. Incredibly easy command set that ANY existing AutoCAD user can use out of the box day one, fully AutoCAD file format compatible and best of all it’s only $500.  (AutoCAD 2014 retails for around $3,500 a license)

I have 25 years experience with these products. I know what I am talking about.

WiseCAD is the fast, affordable way to add seats to your existing AutoCAD design department.

WiseCAD is the smart choice to get the Autodesk licensing monkey off your back.  I know and I understand.  It’s costly to stay legal and legit with Autodesk.  Licensing renewals and adding seats to your firm is a financial risk especially during tight economic times.

WiseCAD saves you a lot of money without compromising productivity. Wouldn’t it feel better use the money you save with WiseCAD and pay employee bonuses, employ another person or grow your business instead of Autodesk’s?

Look, I don’t mean to bash AutoCAD or Autodesk.  They make good products. I personally have made a lot money consulting to their products. The problem isn’t their software but their business model the bloated price for bloated software just doesn’t make sense any more and this why you need to move over to WiseCAD.

Try WiseCAD before you buy here.  (download the trial version, then email me for a temporary license.)

Email me and let me know what you think and I will get you going on WiseCAD.

Thanks for considering WiseCAD.


Joe Markwith